Knots So Fast…
A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to the Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube…

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Knots and Learning New Things

knots, Alvin Toffler, Learning, A funny thing happened on my way to the Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube… I discovered a bunch of BushCraft Videos (practical outdoor skills) and a bunch of Bushcraft Videos about Knots and Knot Tying. Eureka!

Lately, I’ve discovered as a way for me to wind down and exit my work day and learn something at the same time (Asian Efficiency; thanks, Mom). I’ve been in amazement at the amount of AWESOME Content for just about anything you want to learn. So, like many Internet Marketers and Communicators, my journey started with searching for Photoshop Techniques and other Internet goodies and it exploded from there after I discovered all kinds of fun “Educational-Content” on I’m learning new stuff!

Minimally, What Do I Need

There are a lot of ways to approach survival skills and I choose to write about what is important to me and that I deem practical (think; what has multiple uses). So, one of the first things I did was channel my buddy Daniel Morris (Qualesit and Morris+D’Angelo) aka “Eagle Scout” and of course Kurt Sussman because we’re frequently noodling these sorts of topics… just because.

So, the other day I sent both of them an eMail “Quick: Name 5 Essential (USEFUL) Knots for Camping | Outdoor | Survival”. Here’s what I got back:

The responses indicate that we like similar knots; I’m guessing we all have our favorites or these were the only knot names we could remember from our Boy Scout days.

The new knot I’m contributing; the Prusik Knot. Check it out below in the videos.

Scott’s List
1. Clove Hitch
2. Bowline Knot
3. Prusik Knot
4. Trucker’s Hitch
5. Fisherman’s Knot
Daniel’s List
1. Bowline
2. Half Hitch
3. Square Knot
4. Taughtline Hitch
5. Double Figure-8
Kurt’s List
1. Bowline
2. Half Hitch
3. Double Half Hitch
4. Butterfly
5. Square

What Makes a Good Knot

1. Easy to Make
2. Strong
3. Easy to Release
Common Knots
There are so many variations of knots and some that are just “basic” so I’m giving these knots up on the right to the List.
1. Overhand Knot
2. Square Knot
3. Half Hitch

So, When You’re Stuck Out in the Woods,
What’s Really Practical and Useful

So, at the top of this blog post, I mentioned that I was enjoying discovering the diverse video content on As I was researching knots that I figured I needed to learn, I came across these YouTubers that have “subscribed to” and “liked”. On the topic of “Useful” knots for Camping and Outdoor use, here are a few that are specific to this post.

Knots for Setting up a Camping Tarp

Below; one of the more informational Outdoor; Bushcrafter YouTubers out there

Michael McQuilton, United Kingdom

1. Overhand Knot (freebie, everybody knows this knot)
2. 02:35 – Clove Hitch (self-tightening knot)
3. 04:00 – Square Knot aka reef knot (join cordage)
4. 04:35 – Half Hitch Knot (finish with a bight or toggle)
5. 10:18 – Prusik Knot (adjustable knot for your Ridgeline)
6. 13:45 – Tensioning Hitch Knot (tighten your Ridgeline)

Survival Lilly

1. 00:45 – Bowline knot (End-of-Line, Ridgeline)
2. 02:30 – Trucker’s Hitch (Tighten Loads, provides mechanical advantage, use with toggles)
3. 04:30 – Prusik Knot (my new favorite)
4. 05:40 – Double Fisherman’s Knot (joining cordage)

Other Bushcrafters I Subscribe to or Follow

Happy Trails


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