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Website Speed, Conversions, Calls to Action, Website Optimization

I’m Obsessed with SPEED; Website Speed

I just launched v4.0 of www.ScottSakamoto.com under the tutelage of Kurt Sussman, (Merlot Research Group) aka “Not Fast Enough” -Kurt, my Speed Guru. Kurt has been nudging me and on my case about slow page load times for the past year or so for website speed.

Website Speed, Conversions, Calls to Action, Website Optimization, Performance ImagesMy excuse and argument; “I’m a Designer, my images have to look good”… meaning, the graphics and images will be large files sizes that usually translates into slow page loading times and a slow Website Speed. Not what I’m after. Not my desired result. Let’s harken back to what I wrote about last October 15, 2016, “Shrink Load and Deliver Images for Speed via High Performance Images

I was Just trying to beat previous Page Load-Times — I think we’re getting close. What I have been doing is experimenting to find the correct balance between image file size and the quality that I can accept and publish. And, in my case, it is helpful to be aware of what your Website theme is capable of accomplishing for your optimization as well.

www.RoninStudios.com is next … Stay Tuned.

If you Folks are tired of waiting for your Web Pages to load, give us a tap on the shoulder because a fast site will convert better. Convert; Conversions? Yep, you better contact us. Please leave a Comment below. Thank you.

Conversion Marketing

Another topic, another time. Stay Tuned
In electronic commerce, conversion marketing is the act of converting site visitors into paying customers. The process of improving the conversion rate is called conversion rate optimization. 1

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