Part 3: What’s Your Beef

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#SakamotoRule | #SakamotoKitchen | #SakamotoStyle:
During Daylight, I Eat all critters that Walk, Run, Swim, Hop, and or Fly; After Sunset, I Eat things that Grow and Come from the Earth

China Study, Plant ProteinI don’t want to make it sound like I’m Hatin’ on Beef (animal protein), because you know there many other choices that are probably better for your Nutritional needs and also better for your Sustained Health and the Sustainable Health of YOUR Planet.
Remember, I’ve been weening myself of Animal Protein since I read the “China Study” by Thompson and watched “Forks Over Knives” (Read: Blog Post I wrote in April 2015, Nutrition: How Do You Best Perform at Your Optimal Level).

Testing My Assumptions: Why I did this

By the middle of 2015, I knew was going to be too busy to hit the gym as I was spending the majority of my time sitting on my ass in front of a computer screen, focusing on bringing back my creativity and migrating away from any leadership or administrative roles (volunteer work; I don’t work for FREE anymore). So, I had to change something or some behavior to make up for the lack of physical activity (calorie output) I was lazily anticipating.
Well, as I mentioned above, after reading, revisiting my growing up years (Asian, Chinese and Japanese diet), and watching Forks Over Knives, I decided to change only ONE-THING; and I wasn’t going to be a “Calorie-Nazi” about it either. I started acquiring my Protein from “mostly” Plant Sources instead of the “normal” Animal Protein Sources — Think about it — The best that animal protein can do for you and your body is provide large amounts of Fat & Protein along with some essential “Micro-Nutrients” (there are no carbohydrates in animal protein).

Bottom-Line: I went from 13-15% Body-Fat to 10-12% — In ONE Month

Remember, I only changed ONE THING — And this is the Body-Comp I want to maintain, at my self-prescribed body composition of 10-12% — Now, all I have to do is just keep it up and be consistent, Easy Peasy, if I remain mindful of what I put into my mouth… After all…

Do This

You ARE What YOU Eat

Vegan Protein Chart, Plant Protein chart, Plant ProteinIf you read my two previous articles, you already know that portion control is just about everything that matters when you’re trying to manage your body composition and or weight. Try to keep your portion size of animal protein no larger than a deck of cards — That’s all you need and can digest responsibly anyway.
I encourage you to Identify Colorful Plant Foods (see the chart right, Per 100 Grams (3.5 Oz) in weight = Grams of Protein 1) from the Earth that are packed with Protein (gram-for-gram) that you can commit to eating consistently — Your Go-To-Foods
Another Secret:
Eat Only What Grows and Comes from the Earth after 6:00p

Think about it; if you consume calories in the evening say around 8:00p (dinner), what are you typically going to do in a couple of hours… Go to bed for 4-6 hours of inactivity. What happens to those calories you consumed? It gets converted into stored excess energy = FAT.
What if you had that same meal or calorie consumption a few hours earlier, say around 3:00p or so. You’d have all afternoon and early evening to burn some of those calories away leaving you ready to refuel in the morning to start your day.
The same goes for alcohol consumption (the ladies love me for this one). If you want to consume adult beverages, only consume adult beverages between those hours when you are active; (e.g. between Noon and 4:00p or if you’re an active “Day” person, drink in the mornings). The point is to give your body enough time to burn off those empty calories (simple carbohydrates) and prevent them from turning into FAT — Probably Your Belly FAT. Yeah!

Facts Are Friendly

We only need .8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. This isn’t difficult to do, as the average American over consumes anywhere between 70 to 120 grams of protein per person anyway. Basically, everyone in the United States is getting more than enough protein.
Evil: Salt, Fat and Sugar Why Everyone Around Me is FAT
It’s the FAT you consumed or didn’t burn off from overeating Processed Fatty Sugary Salty Foods.

Stop It! — Think!

You ARE What YOU Eat

Get Real — No #AltReality

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