SuperSet Part 1:I Got My Ass Kicked by 8th-Grade Calisthenic Exercise

Calisthenic Exercise, Tabata

aka: #SakamotoStyle Cardio and my Introduction to Tabata

At the beginning of 2017 I agreed to help a Friend get back on track with his health-maintenance challenges; improve on a body composition of 51%-fat and get into better cardio conditioning so that he could have confidence in his physical fitness abilities and be in an overall better position (fitness conditioning) to enjoy his upcoming overseas trip this summer with his family.
For the first 60 days, it was a process of many Simple but important movements and tests so that I could judge and set some achievable fitness goals that we could hopefully Accomplish and set the tone for “those” who might have different “cultural” perspectives and who are about to become awakened (enlightened) by traditional (Koryū) ancient tried and tested Japanese Martial Arts. If you understand the training of the “old” ways, you understand that this Training concerns matters of “Life and Death”; we kid NOT… head up and eyes open at all times and I mean it. I don’t care how wiped out you are, be ready for what’s NEXT.
This isn’t for the timid and entitled as I WILL assert myself over ALL and ANY whining and complaining… until you demonstrate that you “Get It”; cutting off any possibility that I would ever go backward to entertain the thought of listening to anyone who hasn’t paid their dues.

8th-Grade Calisthenic Exercise Tabatas Win

So, after many observations, I determined that simple and familiar exercise routines were going to work the best in this case. Eureka! 8th-Grade calisthenics are the perfect solution with their nostalgic familiarity, half my job was done; no technical or form training needed, we could just start to MOVE.

Vetting the Work

And, move I did. Last Sunday I decided to do a Superset of Calisthenic Exercise to vet my proposed exercise routine (physical fitness) and add on to that, an intense 90 min Cardio Spin session. Boy, did I burn some calories; I’ll cover the Spin Class on the next post. In the meantime, here’s my Tabata routine for the next couple of weeks.
Tabatas as I understand them are exercise routines of Eight Sets of High-Intensity exercises in a specific 20-seconds-on (work), 10-seconds-off (rest) intervals.
For our workouts, we will ultimately work up to completing 8-Sets of 4 Exercises (jumping jacks, windmills, mountain climbers, and knee lifts). Here’s what it looks like:
Tabata, Fitness
I was able to blast through it last Sunday, and I was exhausted and breathing hard. So, I’m thinking WE may have to work up to doing the complete 8-Sets. — Baby-Steps.
This is what I’ll have my Kohai lead this Saturday:
Calisthenic Exercise, Beginner, Tabata, Fitness
Eventually, we’ll accomplish 4-sets with a water rest period in between before we complete the final 4-sets; until ultimately we’ll be in shape enough to complete all 8-sets with minimal rest and maximum benefit (calories burned). Who would have thought that 8th-Grade exercises would be so hard? Wouldn’t you agree?

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