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Right-Hand, Meet the Left-Hand, I’m a Creative Strategist

Full disclosure; I was supposed to be a Doctor, Dentist or a Lawyer when I was growing up, although I was debating the merits of becoming an Oceanographer to my parents back-in-the-day; I loved Science, still do.

After “Bolting” from home at age 17 with 15-cents and a comb in my back-pocket, I supported my way through college all on my own with a little help from a “Bucket of Cash” I found in the archives at the downtown library (hint: 3rd floor), and after 3 changes to my Major-Studies (Biology, Music, Psychology), I got smart and committed to what came easy; what I had a passion for; Art (photography) that later evolved into Graphic Design because I quickly realized that I could let someone else assume the financial liability of a Photography Business (this was a business decision that I’ll save for another article).

I sailed through art school with top accolades and soon had my first “Paying Account” spreading the virtues of Adult Contemporary Rock (AOR) with KGON in tow (I still bump into at the time mid-1970s General Manager, Craig McCoy from time-to-time at the gym).

I Evolve into a Creative Strategist After 30-Years

Yep, it took that long, as it should to be able to gain enough Meaningful Experience from both sides of the brain and THEN have the ability and skills to Connect the Right-Brain (Creativity) with the Left-Brain (Data) and further, to be able to produce it; to make it happen… On Demand.

In the beginning of my career, people were quick to notice and realize that I was an unusual “Creative Designer” they had just retained. They quickly found that I understood Business, they realized that I was responsible for not EVER having missed a Deadline, and I ALWAYS came in on Budget and always with Adequate Communication if there were Changes coming down the Delivery Pipeline.

Bottom-Line, my clients were never met with any unpleasant surprises… NEVER
(Note: This doesn’t mean I don’t fire on average 2-4 clients a year. I only work with those who “Get It“)

Alvin Toffler, The Third WaveI’ve Had a “Charmed” Career Until 2008; The Phone Stopped Ringing

For many including myself, the economic collapse of 2008 left many of our businesses knocked to the ground, especially of my colleagues in the creative and marketing business (let’s not even talk about what happened to the professional photographers who didn’t Adapt; you know who you are.). We know after going through this before (1986), that Creative and Marketing budgets are the first to disappear during economic hard-times and the last to be resurrected. It wasn’t easy, but I’ve learned to adapt and survive. I discovered and embraced the Internet in 2008 and have LOVED IT ever since!

What Scott Sakamoto Brings to the Table
Creating Awareness of your Product, Service, or Information to your Customers toward a Healthy Bottom-Line in an Engaging and Compelling Way.

So, yesterday after lunch with Top Executive Recruiter, Joseph Wahl who I’ve known for over 20-years, I asked, “So Joe, you’ve known me for awhile, as an Executive Recruiter “What Am I, How Would You Describe What I do Professionally?” Not a second passed, two words followed…

“Creative Strategist”

More conversations with Joseph Wahl to come…

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