Only Those Who “Get It”… Do You Get It Enough to Evolve with Technology?

Scott Sakamoto, get it

Do You “Get It”?

For only those Who “Get It”. I’ve been conscientiously opening myself up to some new experiences and making a point to extend my hand in welcoming new “Meaningful” relationships recently and I’ve been having a good time doing it… Something new, like getting out of my cave and doing something different; meeting new people and connecting with past acquaintances. 1

Those who have kept up with my other Social Media posts know that I declared at the start of 2016 that I would ONLY associate or at the very least seek out those who “Get It” as collaborators and new Customers.

While on this journey, I’ve been in a Hyper-Observation mode to help me make better business decisions and taking notes on WHY Most Businesses and Organization who need these available Internet and Digital Tools are in denial of their importance for their future success.

So for now, I will keep my mouth shut and keep on reminding myself“Get It”?

Keep moving forward… Don’t stop to explain… Don’t Look Back… Look for those who “Get It”…Keep Going…

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  1. […] Bottom-Line, my clients were never met with any unpleasant surprises… NEVER (This doesn’t mean I don’t fire on average 2-4 clients a year. I only work with those who “Get It“) […]

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