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Hong Kong Graphic Design

I’ve been enjoying my afternoons visiting YouTube.com and learning a little bit about this-and-that while following my regimen of combined Rest and Learning (Time Management Production: Part 3 – I’m a Creative Production Beast).

I Love the Internet: Graphic Design Around the World

Hong Kong, Graphic Design, Scott Sakamoto, Graphic Designer, Art Director, Creative StrategistYou know that feeling when something is so obviously right in front of you and then you finally realize it?

Along the way on my YouTube journeys, I found (no surprise) some interesting Food Review Channels one in particular from “I LOVE FOOD!!” Mike Chen , and one of his five (5) YouTube Channels, Strictly Dumpling.

There are more than Five Reasons to admire Mike Chen’s efforts as not only an entertaining young Asian Media Entrepreneur, but as someone who acknowledges that we are, or “eventually” should become Media Broadcasters because I think all business will need to become Media Channels in some shape or form as part of the ever-evolving Business Models that prove to be successful by their use “proven” available Internet-Tools (that I’ve found most business who claim to be “Modern” lacking). This will be another story down the road soon and on a different topic.

What I realized the other night was how engaged I was and compelled to continue watching, then I woke up to the fact that I was noticing very attractive and engaging Graphic Design Elements in the background of Mike’s videos that definitely weren’t American Designs. It had a “Foreign” look and feel to it. Eureka! I just got exposed to a different world and a whole new set of “Designer-Eyes” that see things differently. I can learn from this.

Google Search, Google-Fu, Google fu, Scott SakamotoMy Google-Fu is Strong

I was soon on my way to Googling “Hong Kong, Graphic Design”. I have a WHOLE NEW WORLD to explore.


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