Google Alerts: Reputation Management

Google Alerts, Reputation Management
Bottom-Line, the one reason for me to utilize Google Alerts is Reputation Management for both my Clients and the many business properties I own or manage.

Google Alerts and Reputation Management

I Use Google Alerts and Reputation Management to Monitor Your Brand

That’s it, end of the story; the number one reason I choose to use Google Alerts is so that I can easily monitor your Internet Presence and mine too. Although there are as many creative ways to utilize Google Alerts for Reputation Management as you can imagine.

Google Alerts is one of the most common ways to be aware of any references to your brand online via these Alerts. Anytime You or your Brand is mentioned, in a news article or blog post, Google Alerts can notify you. This provides the opportunity to see who mentioning your business online. This allows you to do a little follow-up link building along the way. Also, Google Alerts allows you to monitor online mentions of your Competition too; find out if there are any online communities where you need to increase your presence. This is a Must-Do for your Company Brand (name), Executive Officers, Executive Managers, and Website Domain Names at a very minimum.

Google Alerts, Reputation management, Be Creative With Your Search Terms:
Find Others Who Are Similar and Collaborate, You’re Not Alone

Google Alerts helps you track conversations and mentions that you may not be aware of. As your business grows, there are likely to be more and more mentions of you and your brand across various online channels.

Now that you have an understanding of what a Google Alert can be and do for you, you hopefully might be seeing how the “Sky is the Limit” to how you can optimize this for your business. Here are 6 types of alerts I use from time-to-time. Some of these may work for you or, maybe there’s just one, it all depends based on the context of your business.

Want to know when someone is writing about you on the Internet; I thought so. This is an easy way for you to know what the word on the street is about you. More Importantly, did you just get mentioned in a press article? Knowing will help you optimize your marketing strategies and outreach.

I know I would want to know when MY Name or Company Name is mentioned on the Internet. You bet and in a huge way. This helps me provide the best techniques moving forward for optimizing my Internet presence and further, the opportunity to tweak my “Brand Message” if necessary. This counts toward positive things published as well as the negative and allows for “damage control” if needed before it becomes an issue to avoid.

I automatically do this for all clients that have retained my services for the very same reason as above. I want to know when your name is being mentioned anywhere on the Internet. This helps me provide the best counseling and service toward optimizing your Inernet Marketing presence. This counts toward positive things mentioned about you as well as the negative and allows for some “damage control” if needed before it becomes an issue to avoid.

This is the same as above. Except focusing (drilling-down, being specific) on the Information, Services and Information your Company provides. This helps me provide the best techniques moving forward for optimizing my Internet presence and further, the opportunity to tweak my “Brand Message” if necessary.

For example, I have a Google Alert for “Asset Protection” for one of my clients. This allows me to be informed about what is happening currently in a specific industry often times from another perspective or competitor of my client. This often provides the background and knowledge for good engaging content creation and “strategic” editorial calendar planning.

Similar to above, whether individuals or businesses are actual competition or just someone or something in the same niche, it’s good to know what is occurring in your industry so you can stay fresh and current.

Google Alerts, Reputation management,

Google Alerts Don’t Have to Be “JUST” About You

Some other ways You can use Google Alerts

  • Keep up with your niche and industry news
  • Spy on your competitors, to see how they are doing
  • Build your network within your niche
  • Find new guest blogging opportunities
  • Track keywords and phrases for new content
  • Find relevant Quora questions you could answer
  • Discover blog articles you could comment on
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