Beware: Ranch 99 Grand Opening, Crowded Parking Lots, and First Gen Asian Drivers

Ranch 99, Asian Groceries, Asian Grocery Store, Beaverton
As I work on my “Chill”, I’m discovering more passive ways to entertain myself.

Ranch 99 Grand Openings, Crowded Parking Lots, and
First Gen Asian Drivers

After a couple of prompts from friends over the past few days, I couldn’t help but KNOW that we have a new Asian Grocery Store in Beaverton, Oregon. Ranch 99 had its Grand Opening this weekend and I made a point to avoid it. I went yesterday instead; I still found a crowded parking lot with plenty of First Gen Asian Drivers… for my viewing entertainment. After a not so crowded experience “inside” except for the First Gen Asian who thinks they can decide to add additional items while in line and in the act of checking out thus holding up the line… if you’re Chinese, you know what I mean (facts are friendly)?

Being half Chinese, I’m relaxed now about how certain Western Cultural Manners and Skills never really got translated and eventually mastered… driving an automobile being one of them; Social Manners the other; especially in crowded spaces. I’m observing a lack of “Common Sense”, or an awareness of others — Oh Well, it’s a good thing I don’t go out much.

Big, Bright, Clean, and Brand New

I think for the most part you’re going to enjoy your experience at Ranch 99 in Beaverton, Oregon; I can be hypercritical of these things sometimes. I did find the store very clean and fresh (no funky odors yet from the seafood and meat departments). I did notice that all the pork in the meat cases seemed to be frozen; a turn-off for me; I kept walking and I didn’t find the prices to be that great, which was surprising for a Grand Opening.

Oodles of Noodles

I can’t say that I’ll drive the 15 minutes to Ranch 99 as I’ve got the Asian Food Center only 5 minutes away from me with more attractive and affordable pricing. But, I can say that I’ve never seen a display of fresh noodles like this before. I know where to go when I need that certain perfect noodle.

Noodles, Ranch 99, Asian Groceries, Asian Grocery Store, Beaverton

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