All Millennials Should Learn to Become a Linchpin and Learn to Lead

Millennials, Linchpin, Leadership, Business Leadership

I Might Agree to Be Your Linchpin…
But, only if I Haven’t Learned to Say “No” Yet

If you catch me at a weak moment and/or at the beginning, I might agree to be your Linchpin, but only for a short while (temporarily). Be Warned, when I see that the time is correct, I’m going to pass it off to you like a hot potato. Hopefully, you will have learned by then.

Will you be ready? That’s what’s in it for YOU, so pay attention.

Don’t Make Me Think

I think it’s time to commit to your Own Success. Be honest with yourself and Me. What did you actually create and produce today? What did you get out the door and deliver?

Do You Provide More Questions… or
Do You Provide Answers

Which one are you?

Are you ready to dive in?

Millennials, Linchpin, Leadership, Business Leadership

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