I May Have Pork Belly Problem; I Can’t Stop Thinking About Pork Buns (Bao)

Pork Belly, Taiwanese Pork Bun, Pork Bun

Beautiful, tender, succulent, melt-in-your-mouth Pork Belly. I realized this morning that I may have a Pork Belly Problem. I can’t stop thinking about “smack-your-collagen-lips” Pork Bellies… any way I can get Pork Belly; Pork Bao (Chinese Tacos), on Rice, Twice Cooked, Roasted (think crispy pork fat)

Man Can Not Live On Vegetables Alone, We Need Pork Fat (aka Pork Belly)

Pork Belly, Taiwanese Pork Bun, Pork BunI know, I can hear many of you now, “Sakamoto, how can you advocate eating unhealthy fatty foods?”

Well, as hard as many of you know that I try and actually work at my physical fitness, I also advocate, think Sakamoto-Mantra “Everything is OK in Moderation”.

Last February, I wrote about Beef and some of its inherent Healthy and Not-So-Healthy attributes. Remember, it’s all about the choices we make… at all times.

Be Mindful

And, … It was a couple of short years ago that I made a conscious decision to lessen my animal protein consumption; RoninStudios.com, “Nutrition: How Do You Best Perform at Your Optimal Level”. So there, I’m doing all that I can do and still have a ton of fun at the same time.

What’s Life without the Joy of Living

Now get out there and start tasting…

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