I Flew with an Eagle Yesterday and I Don’t Know If She Knows It Yet

Eagle, Sarah Myers-Mitchell, Morris D'Angelo, CPA, Accountant, Financial Service

I experienced a wonderful surprise at lunch yesterday. I had lunch @BambooSushi with an Eagle and the best part was I don’t think she knows she’s one of them… yet

Yesterday I had a long awaited lunch with a new hire of one of the businesses under my “Consulting” care and tutelage. You never know how these are going to turn out especially right after a typically busy period for the company and the Industry it serves; but hey, this is a good test to vet assumptions and determine how folks perform under anticipated stress and duress and see how they excel and overcome their challenges as EVERYONE around them complains and moans (maybe it’s time for those who complain to find another profession).

When I’ve popped into the Portland Office recently, I think I’ve noticed “tightened lips” and a keen focus and if I could read minds, I think I heard the thoughts akin to “Time to Suck it Up”…and, body language that speaks loudly.

Optimal Performance of Eagles and Business

Sarah Myers-Mitchell, Morris D'Angelo, CPA, Accountant, Financial ServicesWhen I think of an Eagle, I acknowledge an apex predator. I can’t help but observe how Nature naturally rewards Effective Efficiency; also known in these Sakamoto Blog pages as “Optimal Performance”. Some call this “Survival of the Fittest” (Evolution); I just say, allow and give yourself permission to Perform at an Optimal-Level that you can be accountable for at every moment you “Engage”. Ask yourself, how can “I” (You) BEST prepare yourself to perform at your Optimal-Level when duty calls?

Optimal Performance is an Ongoing Theme

If I were to put this in the context of Physical Fitness or a Physical Performance of some sort, I bet you’d comprehend and “Get It”; the “How do you prepare” part; what about how you’d prepare to perform for your Business at an Optimal-Level? What are those routines, exercises, nutrition, and proper fuel that allow a better Performance-Path? How do you take care of your stress levels and your clarity of mind?

These are ongoing topics on these pages, so stay tuned in, there will be more to come and maybe I’ll have a new collaborator. In the meantime enjoy these 5 Eagle thoughts from Emmanuel Oluwatosin @www.Eolutosin.com

Oh, and to her Gatekeepers;
Give her space to fly and you will be rewarded

Sarah Myers-Mitchell, Morris D'Angelo, CPA, Accountant, Financial Services

5 Attributes of Eagles I Fly With

  1. Eagles Fly with Eagles:
    Eagles fly alone at high altitude and NOT with sparrows and other small birds. No other bird can soar to the height of an Eagle.
  2. Eagles have Strong-Vision:
    Have a vision and remain focused no matter what the obstacle. Eagles have the ability to focus on an object up to five kilometers away. When an Eagle sites his prey, it narrows its focus on it and sets out to get it.
  3. Eagles Love Storms:
    Achievers relish challenges and use them effectively. Eagles use thermal winds to lift them higher. Winds of a storm give the Eagle an opportunity to soar higher and rest its wings.
  4. Eagles Are Change Agents:
    Their survival of future generations depends on it. Nesting Eagles prepare and anticipate the exodus of their chicks by preparing properly. At the correct time, comfortable nests will be converted to expose thorns that provide proper motivation for Eagle Chicks to leave the nest and evolve on their own.
  5. Eagles Know When to Retire/Reinvent:
    Sometimes, we need to shed off old habits and methods that burden us. When Eagles grow old, its feathers become weak; at which point they will pluck feather off until it is completely bare. When the feathers have regrown, it returns renewed.

Sarah Myers-Mitchell, Morris D'Angelo, CPA, Accountant, Financial Services

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