Sakamoto Style: So, You Want to Work With Me… What Does That Mean?

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Sakamoto Style

Over the past couple of weeks, I have spoken to at least a half dozen of you who want me to work with them or their Businesses and I’m wondering WHY I should pursue these. I’m wondering if they even know WHY they want me or are they just grasping for “Easy Success” because nothing has worked for them before, or they just don’t know any better (they don’t “Get It”). Maybe they’ve seen or heard of this thing called “Sakamoto Style” and want some.

I don’t know what they’re thinking, but I do know that I don’t work for FREE Anymore. I think I’ll ask them to read this blog post and have them be VERY CLEAR in their minds what their expectations are of me BEFORE I invest more of my time. If I hear words akin to “I don’t know, I’m not aware of what services you offer”… I’m running away as FAST as I can. Why? I am not emotionally investing my time into something or someone who demonstrates a lack of respect or demonstrates “Entitlement” or “Privilege”. Do Your Own Research!

I’m not here to listen to your Excuses or Coddle You, I am here to help you get to the TOP… and it comes with a Price, there is a Cost

What do you want to do; It’s Up to You — Get to Work, or Keep Complaining…

Blue Sky, Sakamoto Style, Scott SakamotoWhat’s In It For You

No doubt you’ve heard either by Reputation, Recommendations, or My Words that I can most likely help you get where you need to get to utilizing Modern Methods and Technology. and… Oh, by the way, I’m an excellent “Dot-Connector”; I can help you meet the folks you need to get in front of.

I Scott Sakamoto, Create Awareness of your Product, Service or Information aka Sakamoto Style

The “Important” reason I’m writing this blog post is because EVERY SINGLE ONE of YOU that I’ve spoken to does not pass the FIRST TEST of “Sakamoto Style” Success … Your Professional Linkedin Business Profile is either incomplete, non-existent or it is ALL ABOUT YOU; Not up to Modern Business Standards.

Need some FREE Help; read this: “Sakamoto’s Top-10 LinkedIn Best Practices for a Professional Business Profile; Must-Haves” (If you don’t want to pay attention and do it yourself, I charge $2,500 per LinkedIn Profile that I create. No negotiating)

What’s In It For Me or Your Customer?

Now, get busy before you call me and tell me “What’s In It For Me”.

What's In It For Me, Sakamoto Style, Scott Sakamoto

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