LinkedIn Profiles:
3 Things to DO NOW to Get the Most Out of Your Professional LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile Performance, Performance, LinkedIn, Business Profile, Linkedin Business, Best Practices, Results

Is your Professional Business LinkedIn Profile Performance Bearing Fruit for You?

Performance, LinkedIn, Business Profile, Linkedin Business, Best Practices, ResultsBefore we move on, a couple of things to check to see if your LinkedIn Profile Performance is providing for you.

With LinkedIn’s recent “Major” 2017 redesign (Hint: it works more like Social Media now), it’s time to move into the LinkedIn “Slipstream” and let their “Recharged” and increased focus on your personal profile work toward your business goals. If you’ve been following, we just shared our “Best Practices” to optimize your LinkedIn Profile Performance. Now, let’s see how we can help you clean up the “Old” clutter that could be confusing your Business “Brand” and your potential Customers.

Remember: Your Key Message; “What’s In It FOR THEM”
(Your Customer; the Other Person; NOT YOU)

    1. Are You Current and Up-to-Date:
      Are you still boasting about what you did 10 years ago? If so, it’s time to change that. So What; Big Deal!

      I’m always looking for Top-Talent that’s Relevant and Current, NOT THOSE who boast of the OLD-WAYS using Inefficient Out-of-Date Methods

      Details about your ancient professional history draw attention away from your most recent and relevant experiences. So, allow your past two roles to sell you and boil anything seven to 10 years in the past down to the essentials (which in some cases might include just your job title and company name).

    2. Endorsed Skills: They Matter; Make Them Count
      Yes, your LinkedIn Endorsements count; make sure they STILL Matter. Let’s face it, if you’ve been paying attention, you know the LinkedIn Skills section is a keyword gold mine (you’re allowed 50). But, if they go unendorsed (“dead skills”), it starts to work against you; it starts to create “Clutter” and raise more questions than “Interest”. Think; how much relevance does an unendorsed skill really have if others aren’t interacting with them?
    3. Lackluster Accomplishments:
      Do your Business Profile Accomplishments tell me that you were “One-of-Those” who got trophies for just showing up? Come-On, tell me something meaningful and relevant. e.g. “High School Spanish” doesn’t count when you claim you know “Spanish”. If you published something like this, it will work against you. Do not publish your Ego for Ego’s sake. Tell me WHAT and WHY your skills and accomplishments will make my business and life better; more productive and profitable.

Listen Up: If you’re on your Second Career (Encore Entrepreneur)…You probably need to Contact Me.I’m guessing you could use some help Optimizing your new Efforts. Now is the Time to get “Modern” and Up-to-Date.

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