Now What: Evolving Your LinkedIn Content Marketing Efforts

Content Marketing, LinkedIn, Best Practices, LinkedIn, Business Profile, Linkedin Business

I think we can all agree that LinkedIn has grown to be a credible Business Networking and Marketing Tool and provides LinkedIn Content Marketing for your Modern Business, an opportunity not to be missed

It’s 2017; hopefully, by now you’ve been enlightened as a Modern Business Owner, C-Level Executive or have aspirations for the “Partner” Corner-Office. You should know better by now and “Get It”; you know that to survive in today’s Modern Business, you have to adapt and embrace Modern Business Methods. Content Marketing via Linkedin provides Credible and Modern ways to reach out and communicate with your “Target Customers” by letting your existing Customers know that you have their best interests at heart or, impress your Boss by publishing good credible content that speaks well of the Services you provide and better yet, the value your Company brings to your Customers (I can see your Boss smiling now). “What’s in It For THEM?”, Your Customers.

I’ll bet you Dollars that if you start to put Linkedin Content Marketing into action, you’ll get noticed, your Company’s Website will receive increased Website Traffic and your Boss will probably be impressed enough to offer you that corner office. Go ahead, “Go For It” and test this assumption and get back to me.

Be Proud That You Completed Your LinkedIn Profile; What’s Next?

While you were trying to get up to speed, LinkedIn has evolved as another Credible “Go-To” place to read or publish ideas and gather “deep data” on companies, individuals, candidates, and connections. So this means you have the opportunity to level the playing field and share your business thoughts amongst other “Business-Greats”. Create or Curate business topics that are important and provide “Insights” into your Industry Silo. You’ll be surprised at how many people you start to attract to your LinkedIn Profile. Hmmmm, does this sound like Lead Generation? I bet that would make your Boss happy.

Content Marketing, LinkedIn, Best Practices, LinkedIn, Business Profile, Linkedin Business

Before We Move On, Let’s Keep Improving (What’s Next)

Promise me you’ll try your hardest not to forget about all the hard work you did on your Professional LinkedIn Business Profile. Just because you built it, doesn’t mean that folks will come; there’s always more work to do.

Visit Your LinkedIn Profile at Least Once a Week If You Are Serious About Your Career…

  1. Keep It Updated:
    Nothing says “red flag” AMATEUR quicker than an out-of-date page, a page with no photo or a user who doesn’t publish or share content. Keep your pages fresh with photos, videos, and other links. I don’t have time for Amateurs; show me you CARE about your Professional Career.
  2. Keep Linking:
    As the name implies, “linking” is the heart of LinkedIn. Add links to all your social platforms; make it EASY for people to find you. I’m surprised at how many people don’t get this. Add links to your blog posts, Websites, and Twitter/Facebook, or any Social Media portals to promote (market) your content.
  3. Recommend Others, Promote, EndorsementsRecommend Others: Pay it Forward (Think of Others Before Yourself; Sakamoto Mantra #1)
    If you’ve experienced something Positive, Talk About It; Recommendations beget more recommendations. “Give to Get”
  4. Share Content and Comment:
    Make a commitment to share blog posts, articles, and other interesting, relevant content. This is a great way to communicate without asking for anything in return. If you publish compelling content, comments will likely come your way that you will use to promote dialogue and help nurture a meaningful relationship.

    Your comments should value an author’s insights and/or their thought leadership AND provide a venue for you to do the same. Show Off What You Know that benefits your potential Customers… “What’s In It For THEM?” — Let Them Know

  5. Put Yourself Out There: Nothing Ventured is Nothing …
    Seek out and join appropriate Industry and special interest Linkedin Groups. Can’t find the niche you need, Create Your Own Group and you’ll probably attract and find other like-minded Professionals and/or those who need your Professional Expertise.

    One of the best ways to attract like-minded individuals or find clients for your business is to join smaller, specialized Linkedin Groups. Put your Professional Know-How in the middle of a LinkedIn Group who needs your answers.


Do You Get it?
Then Get Busy or Contact Me If You Need Help

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