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Image Size, image Optimization

Image Size, image OptimizationShrink Load and Deliver Images for Speed

There’s a storm comin’…”wind and rain will pick up around late morning Saturday in what forecasters are calling the “Ides of October storm,” “Hurricane-force winds in the coastal waters are expected to push inland. The coast will see sustained winds of 40 to 50 mph, with gusts of 75 to 90 mph.” 1

Hmmmm, Guess What I’m Hunkerin’ Down With this Weekend.

Performance Demands Intelligence

We know that over 60% of your page weight comes from web images; the average web page has 60 images. Words can conjure up images fast but are very prone to corruption (interpretation) and low fidelity (poorly written and not optimized), unless you know something about the “Topic” you’re reading about.

I have been in a constant patter with CTO, Kurt Sussman for the past year about “optimal” image optimization. You can imagine how these conversations go, he advocating for TEXT ONLY and I, from Art School… “Beauty is the Beast

Image Size, image Optimization, alvin tofflerI Concur:
Let’s Leverage Images as Opportunities vs Obstacles

I am hunkering down with “HIGH-PERFORMANCE IMAGES, by to understand the “Fine-Details” in Kurt’s world toward publishing high performance images that Deliver (your message or content) on the Internet. Color theory, image formats, storage and management, operations delivery, browser and application behavior, responsive web, and the list goes on.

My Geek Weekend Learning New Things

With this, I hope that you’ll read along with me and learn new tips, tricks, and practical theories that will help you grow your business and or get information about your Product, Service or Information that you provide with high-performance images.

If you don’t, I will, so, Contact Kurt or myself and we’ll figure out how to make your Internet and Digital FAST.
Because your Customers and Google like FAST.

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