Chris Uehara: Pink October PDX

Chris Uehara, Pink October

The other day I wrote about my awesome Tuesday; one of the best days I’ve had in a long, long time — I was on the correct path that day and feeling good about it. My highlight today was meeting and conversing with Assistant Portland Police Chief, Chris Uehara.

Chris Uehara, Portland, Oregon, Police ChiefA few weeks ago I was fortunate to attend the Muslim Educational Trust’s Building Bridges Summit where I met for the first time, Assistant Portland Police Chief, Chris Uehara. We committed to meet, and we did.
“Welcome To Central Precinct”
First greeted by a smiling Nicole Wrigley (Chris’ Administrative Assistant, Operations), I explained that this was the first time I’d stepped into a Law Enforcement Building other than to pay a parking ticket and further, the first time I’ve sat and had a meaningful conversation with a Law Enforcement Officer and a high ranking one at that; how lucky am I? I am Grateful.

As I sat, I explained to Chris that I wasn’t there to “Pitch” anything, but looking for “My” next Company, Business or Organization that could best utilize what I have to offer by way of my 30-years of Professional and Community Service and Volunteer Experience.

Earlier that morning, I had coffee with Washington County’s Michael Dahlstrom who verbally painted the picture of my current journey, “Floating down the River, observing and watching for the most appropriate Tributaries that flowed into it that needed my help and who would not waste the talents I offered and who would know how to utilize those talents the best”. Hmmm, almost sounds like a chapter out of “Siddhartha” (Siddhartha is a 1922 novel by Hermann Hesse).

Floating Down the Mighty Willamette, Observing Tributaries that Feed It; Identifying Those Who Need and Would Best Utilize My Talents the Most — That’s where I’ll be …



Assistant Portland Police Chief, Uehara: A Man With a Vision and that Means Passion

I feel very fortunate to have been able to spend over an hour of meaningful time with Chief Uehara. During that time, we spoke of many important and relevant Topics that are near and dear to our hearts and beliefs… I got to know Chris and I am grateful. During our conversation, it became very clear to me thanks to Chris, that We ARE DIFFERENT in Portland, Oregon because of responsible and responsive “Leadership” from people like Chris and his “Tribe”

Could this be the start of my new journey? Chris and I will have more to share… Stay tuned.

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