Portland Police: A Ride-Along Opportunity

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When I first met Portland Police Assistant Cheif, Chris Uehara at the Muslim Educational Trusts Building Bridges Summit, I understood pretty quickly that after his exposure to Oregon as a student at Pacific University in Forest Grove, he was hooked on Oregon and on Portland. Chris is a good fit for Portland, Oregon and he’s settled in quite nicely over the 30-years he’s been living here; soaking up all that Oregon has to offer. He’s so entrenched that I can’t rib him about not being an “Oregon Native”.

Welcome to Oregon Chris

scott-sakamoto_blogspot_chrislobbyChris continued with his “Oregon” story, from where I connected the dots on how he evolved into one of Portland’s “Top Cops” that I’ll share as we go along this journey because it is important to tell and share. What impressed me the most about Chris, and keep in mind that there are two “Passionate” people at the table and each wants to tell their story… Chris LISTENS. What an amazing epiphany; and unfortunately a sad one at that. Realizing that this experience with Chris is one of the very few times that I’ve had a meaningful conversation with someone who actually “Listened” and wasn’t searching for their next comment or pontificating about how much they thought they knew. What a Great Feeling that was. Thank you, Chris.

The Hook: The Ride-Along

sakamoto_october-facebooksquare_toolsoftrade-lobbyChris explains the “Reality” in Portland to me… “We’re different.”

When you really take stock and look at what’s happening on a National-Level, and on top of what the Media throws at us; all of a sudden, Cops are generally bad people with a little bit of hope thrown in to make existence possible.

“Do you know what our most investigated infraction is…?” Chris asked. “…It’s Gratuities”. … To be continued.

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