Sakamoto: A Front-Row Seat, A Dream Come True


I’m a born and raised Portland Native and damn proud of it. Even when I had an opportunity go to Chicago or New York fresh out of Art School (Graphic Design), to learn from the best in the Advertising Business way back in in the late 70s, I choose to stay in Portland because in those days, “Stumptown” was a growing city and I wanted to grow with it; so I stayed.

Scott Sakamoto, Portland Downtowner, Portland Oregon, Portland, Oregon, Young and the Restless, 1994As a “Passionate” life-long Portlander, as is Chief Uehara (almost), we continued conversing and collectively advocating about all the Great things this city possesses, including “better-than-most” Portland Police Behavior. When the invitation to see, breathe and listen to our City along with our Professional Portland Law Enforcement, I jumped… I’m in…Let’s go!

A Ride-Along with the Portland Police

scott-sakamoto_lobbysign2_It’s no secret; it’s been my boyhood dream to be able to experience this… You can imagine my delight especially after I saw Bruce Forester’s Mural in the elevator lobby as I was waiting to ascend to the Leadership floors. Little did I know…

So an eMail of my schedule has been sent, and I’m awaiting word for confirmation of any Orientations and the Ride-Alongs to follow… Hopefully soon.

I get to have a NEW Perspective on the city I love; maybe reinforce the old thoughts I have, or motivate some NEW ACTION — Portland, time to get reacquainted.

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