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Best Tuesday in a Long Time

Tuesday, honey crisp apples, Portland policeI had the most amazing Tuesday today that started with long-time friend and Photographer Extraordinaire, Michael Dahlstrom. Mike’s now implementing and creating some of the policy for Washington County now. Mike, we forgot to talk about Community Policing in the Beaverton area…Next time…
My next errand was to pick up some goodies from Oregon Nikkei Endowment’s President, Connie Masuoka. I picked up 5-pounds of Kiyokawa Orchards Honey Crisp Apples and a small bag of fresh Matsutake – I’m going to eat well tonight.
Welcome to Central Precinct
My third meeting and first time ever being physically in a Law Enforcement Building… I was soon in conversations with Assistant Portland Police Chief, Chris Uehara.
Chris, I really appreciated the time you carved out of your morning to meet with me. I’m looking forward to our many collaborations in the near future.
And then finally, lunch with Kurt Sussman and the Pea Shoots with Garlic I’ve been craving at Jin Wah in Beaverton. — I’m Happy!
I’ll be sharing more soon.


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