Linkedin Manners: Here We Go Again

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Here We Go Again; My Annual Rant About LinkedIn Manners

Sorry folks, I know there are a lot of you recently who will be looking for a new place to earn your Rent. And, sorry again, I know many of you have reached out to me via LinkedIn and, I know many of you will fail to accomplish your desired goals because you choose to ignore or have failed at your “basic” LinkedIn Manners aka “Business Manners” (What would your Mother say?).

I Am Responsible, I Protect My LinkedIn Connections
So, What Makes You Think You’re Entitled to All 500+ of Them?

LinkedIn, LinkedIn Best Practices, LinkedIn Manners, LinkedIn EtiquetteI’ve written several times on about my concerns for proper manners on LinkedIn (Knock Knock: Who’s There?; LinkedIn: The Hero’s Way). For an outstanding example of the CORRECT way to “reach out” on LinkedIn for a Connection Request, please read my article; LinkedIn: The Hero’s Way.

If you’ve chosen to ignore and not read my LinkedIn Profile (probably indicated by your Bad Manners or your Privileged or Entitled Behavior), don’t be surprised by my lack of response. Not having read my LinkedIn Profile communicates to me that you feel “Entitled” and “Privileged” to the information that my Connections have entrusted me with; the “Stewardship” of their Business Information.

If you’ve forgotten how to say “Please and Thank You”,
Don’t Bother

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