100 Days, Burpees, Push ups, Squats

What Can Happen in 100-Days

Before I reveal what I’m thinking, let’s cover some background.

First, I have the metabolism of a hummingbird. I’ve been waiting for my aging body’s engine to slow down and become less efficient, but no such luck (I know, I can hear you now). I have been selfishly fantasizing about weighing more than 150 “responsible” pounds for years, but Nope; no matter how hard I try to irresponsibly stuff my face with calories, they seem to evaporate during the normal course of my day … I must be utilizing my Brain too much.

Here’s the rub. Yes, I used to be a gym rat (still am in my own mind). Then a few years ago I accepted time-consuming volunteer activities and my workouts went down the tube. Eureka, I thought this would be the start of some weight gain and I’ll start packing on the pounds for sure from lack of my usual physical activity … not to happen. I was going to have to make some additional lifestyle changes.

When I Breathe, I’m Probably Exhaling Calories

I know that I lose a half-pound every night probably from water weight loss (breathing). It used to be that the only way for me to gain “responsible” weight was to lift heavy things and sweat a lot in addition to my “Adventure Based Personal Growth” activities and lifestyle. This was my “Groundhog Day”.

Embracing Animal Protein … Again

If you’ve known me or have read a few pages of my Optimal Performance thinking, you’ll know that I accomplished some pretty amazing body composition goals just by changing one thing in my diet; by utilizing “Plant Protein” instead of that juicy rib eye steak (animal protein).

100 days, Spinalis Dorsi, Rib-eye-cap, deckle, calotte, Butcher’s ButterLast December I made the commitment to charge full steam ahead and “Go For It”. Eat those fatty delicious foods that I’ve wanted to cook with like “pork fat” and pursue my fantasy steak, the “Butcher’s Butter”, the Spinalis Dorsi or the Rib-Eye-Cap. I purchased a 15-pound rib eye primal (USDA Choice) just so I could “score” the best part of the cow, my long sought-after Spinalis Dorsi, the Rib-eye-cap; also known as the deckle, calotte in France; or “Butcher’s Butter”.

And there I went; on a weight-gaining journey with no limits just to test my assumptions. I don’t have to share all the food details here (I may in other articles), but this morning I put new batteries in my bathroom scale and I started drinking beer at night (empty calories).

It’s March … The 100-Day Challenge. Eureka!

I am now weighing in at 151.5 pounds with a 17% body fat composition. (On average, I’m around 143 pounds soaking wet at 12% body fat). I’m going to up my weight goal to 155 pounds (boxing Middleweight) and still attain a 12-10% body fat composition.

The Next 100 Days of 100 each:

  1. Squats
  2. Burpees
  3. Pushups

In addition to my Tabata exercises (High-Intensity Interval Training, HIIT)

I wonder what will happen? I guess I should take some baseline measurements.

See you on Saturday, June 6th 100 Days from Today.
Stay tuned

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