Brand Development, Graphic Guidelines, Logo Design

Why I Give My Logo Work Away for Free (not really)

Let’s agree on this premise: There are no FREE “Prime-Beef”…
Routine, Efficiency, Groundhog Day

GroundHog Days: I Have A "Natural" Routine

Lo and Behold, I have discovered that I have a natural Routine.…
Summer Fitness, Physical Fitness, Workout

I'm a Procrastinator. It's time to ReBoot my Workouts for My Summer Fitness Goals

ReBoot: It's Time for Summer Fitness (Physical and Mental) and…
New Business, Passive Income, Puff Sumo, distracted

I've Been Distracted, But Productive

Oh My! I've been Distracted It's been a little over a month…
Scott Sakamoto, summer Office, Golf, Pumpkin Ridge

It's Masters Golf Weekend ... I'm Getting the Golf-Bug Again

It's Masters Golf Weekend ... I'm Feeling the Golf-Bug Again…
Mark Dikeos, Pacific Motorsports, Portland, Oregon, BMW, Repair, Maintenance

Hanging Out with Cigar Sensei (Aficionado) Mark Dikeos

I was hanging out with Cigar Sensei (Aficionado) Mark Dikeos…

Obsolescence of Warriors

Obsolescence of Warriors "Tending the garden is a relaxing pastime,…
Procrastinator, 100 Days

100 Days: I'm Human, I'm a Procrastinator

I'm a Procrastinator Full disclosure; guess what I was supposed…
100 Days, Burpees, Push ups, Squats

What Can Happen in 100-Days

Before I reveal what I’m thinking, let’s cover some background. First,…
Asian American Experience, Matt Chan, Miyoshi Umeki, Portland, Oregon, Sayonara

Good Times and More Work or Things to Think About... The Asian American Experience with Matt Chan

High-school bud Matt Chan was in town the other day. Cigars at…
Martial Artist, Probable Reality

I Declare: I'm No Longer a Martial Artist

I have discovered that I have the ability to create a Probable…
Chili Oil, Creo Chocolate, Field Trips, Jeffrey Niiya, NedSpace, Portland Police Bureau, Sao Noi, World Foods

Field Trip - I Think I Found My Happy Place

A Stimulating Week For Sure This can only mean one thing...…
Leadership, Nationalism, Trump Nationalist

Trump’s Nationalism is Impervious to Responsible Leadership

It's a White Man's World Out There Let’s face it; I have…
Creativity, Curiosity, Right Brain

A Last Blink at 2017

Farewell 2017. You taught me well A lot has happened since…
Chris Uehara, Portland Police Bureau, Portland Oregon

Interim Portland Police Chief Chris Uehara

Last night I participated in an event that commemorated the…
9/11, September 11 Attacks

9/11 was Sixteen Years Ago, I Remember It Like Yesterday

I remember all too well what I saw and watched in disbelief during…
Ranch 99, Asian Groceries, Asian Grocery Store, Grand Opening

Beware: Ranch 99 Grand Opening, Crowded Parking Lots, and First Gen Asian Drivers

  As I work on my "Chill", I'm discovering more passive…
Google Alerts, Reputation Management

Google Alerts: Reputation Management

Bottom-Line, the one reason for me to utilize Google Alerts…